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Why We Need to Develop an Ethical Approach to Technology

Julie Walsh, associate professor of philosophy at Wellesley, and her colleague Eni Mustafaraj, associate professor of computer science, are working to make ethics of technology, in particular computational, data-driven technology, a fundamental part of the liberal arts curriculum.

Study Examines How College Students Get Their News in the Digital Age

Faced with an unsettlingly large volume of news each day, college students try to digest information from several channels, including conversations with friends and professors, social media, online newspapers, and news feeds, according to a newly released report, How Students Engage with the News, from the nonprofit research institute Project Literacy Information.

Eni Mustafaraj Receives NSF CAREER Grant on Signals for Evaluating the Credibility of Web Sources and Advancing Web Literacy

Assistant Professor of Computer Science Eni Mustafaraj was awarded the highly competitive National Science Foundation CAREER grant for early-career faculty in support of her work on “Signals for Evaluating the Credibility of Web Sources and Advancing Web Literacy.”