Smith College

Knowledgeable Contact

Lindsay Poirier

Assistant Professor of Statistics & Data Sciences

Academic Programs

Possible Futures: AI and Human Experience

• CSC325 Seminar: Responsible Computing

• SDS236: Data Journalism


WAV: Smith’s Data Science Corps

“Data done differently”—that’s the mission of a new experiential data science program Smith is leading for area college students.

Opening Pathways for Students in Data Sciences

Aushanae Haller ’23J sees data science as “a Sherlock Holmes type of thing. You sort through data, analyze it and find a story.”

Developing, Deploying, and Managing Technology for Community: Engineering Informed by Human Values

This one-time seminar will be led by Jun Sawada, Chairman of the Board of Nippon Telephone and Telegraph (NTT, the world’s largest telecommunications firm) during his visit to Smith College.