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Project Evident strives to be a trusted partnerto practitioners, funders, and other stakeholders committed to stronger, meaningful, and equitable outcomes for communities and individuals so that all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.* We believe in the power of data and evidence to address social and racial justice, and seek to advance a next generation  ecosystem for actionable evidence building and use.
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Kelly Fitzsimmons

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Inspiring Action: Identifying the Social Sector AI Opportunity Gap

Inspiring Action: Identifying the Social Sector AI Opportunity Gap is a working paper developed by Project Evident and Stanford’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence on the current use of, interest in, and opportunity for AI in the social and education sectors.

Getting Better Impact with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, with the potential to significantly propel the work of the social, philanthropic, government, and education sectors. 

TAG and Project Evident Unveil Responsible AI Adoption Framework for Philanthropy

The Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) and Project Evident announce the publication of “Responsible AI Adoption in Philanthropy,” an initial framework crafted to navigate the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) within the philanthropic sector.