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Olin’s vision is “Engineering is for everyone.” This means engineering education needs to be welcoming to, and enable the success of, people from all backgrounds. But it also means we need to make sure that engineering as a profession must serve everyone. In our ongoing commitment to the PIT-UN and its field-building principles, we are centering race, equity, and diversity in our programs, and our faculty and students are asking important questions such as “who are we designing for?” and “how might we build it?” and increasingly, “why are we building it?”, “who else is impacted?” and “should we build it at all?” As demonstrated by our student-led organization PInT, undergraduates are driving these efforts at Olin in full participation with faculty and staff. We firmly believe students, especially undergraduates, are and should be at the vanguard of defining PIT and building the field, and at Olin we will continue to amplify their voices across the PIT-UN.
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Knowledgeable Contact

Erhardt Graeff

Associate Professor of Social and Computer Science


Student Groups


Current lead organizer: Malvina Clavering oclavering@olin.edu

Academic Programs

Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship (ADE) program

• Courses: Environmental Consulting at
Olin (ECO) Artificial Intelligence and Society,
Engineering for Humanity, Democracy and
Media, Infrastructure Studies, Decision-Making in Sustainable Systems


Victoria Dean
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Olin PIT-UN Co-Designee

Jason Woodard
Dean of External Programs and Partnerships and Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship

Zachary del Rosario
Assistant Professor of Engineering and Applied Statistics

Steve Matsumoto
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Benjamin Linder
Director of the Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship Program and Professor of Design and Mechanical Engineering


ADE project building tool to examine racial disparity in police stops

Within the Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship (ADE) program, a team of Olin students have been building data tools to help individuals avoid possible conviction and incarceration due to unlawful traffic stops resulting from racial profiling.  

Keoni Mahelona ’07 is a leader in indigenous sovereignty of data and technologies.

Keoni Mahelona ’07 is using his interdisciplinary engineering knowledge to help Māori people take ownership of preserving and protecting their indigenous language, te reo Māori.

New Interdisciplinary Course Helps Students See Engineering’s Big Picture

A new humanities course called “Engineering in Context,” or EIC, is helping students create their own personalized construct for understanding the societal implications of engineering.Thanks to our partners, you can find ties online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.