Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Knowledgeable Contact

Larry Susskind

Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning

Student Contact

Ms. Emilie Flamme

Department of Urban Studies and Planning

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Research Programs

Data + Feminism

The Data + Feminism Lab uses data and computational methods to work towards gender and racial justice, particularly as they relate to space and place.
Our work is based on the intersectional approach outlined in Data Feminism. The Data + Feminism Lab is based in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT and directed by Catherine D’Ignazio. We are proud members of Data Against Feminicide, the Design Justice Network, the Labor Tech Research Network, and the Tierra Común network to decolonize data.

Data + Feminism collaborates closely with Rahul Bhargava from Northeastern University.


Clinical Education and Public Interest Technology

By continuously interacting with the public, future public interest technologists can build a “personal theory of practice” to guide them when they make difficult decisions in the future.If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

Technology and Nature: Protecting Biodiversity for Public Good with Aditi Jha

Aditi Jha is a 2023 Sloan Fellows MBA at MIT Sloan. She has worked with the World Bank, the UN and large conglomerates on integrating sustainability (ESG) across high environmental impact sectors like transport, energy, and agriculture.

3D Software to Boost Low-Cost Housing Options: Encoding Architecture with Larry Sass

Larry Sass is an architectural designer and researcher exploring digital design and fabrication across scales. Sass offers a compelling case for 3D modelling software as a challenge to current industry standards to democratize housing construction as a process.