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We bring together people, organizations, and ideas to tackle wicked tech & society issues and co-create a tech future aligned with the public interest.

Our activities grow and strengthen the Responsible Tech ecosystem, which speeds up society’s ability to consider the impacts of technology, leads to greater multistakeholder collaboration, and diversifies the backgrounds and disciplines involved in the process.
Founded in 2018 and based in Manhattan with a global community, All Tech Is Human is a non-profit organization that has intentionally brought together a diverse range of individuals and organizations across civil society, government, and industry. Our aim is to grow the Responsible Tech field by promoting knowledge-sharing and collaboration among multiple stakeholders in order to co-create a better tech future. The community we are cultivating is a powerful force to affect the underlying tech pipeline, as new voices are entering the field who deeply care about the impact of technology.

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David Polgar

Founder & President


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Spotlight on Public Interest Technology

Public Interest Technology is a key topic area of Responsible Tech. This umbrella term encompasses the diverse multidisciplinary movement focused on better aligning our tech future with the public interest. 

All Tech Is Human is intentionally designed to tackle complex tech & society issues while moving at the speed of tech

Whether its ensuring information integrity, creating healthier digital spaces, or dealing with the upheaval of generative AI, there are a wide range of complex tech & society issues that are perplexing governments, tech companies, and the general public.

A Recap of the Responsible Tech Summit: Shaping Our Digital Future

All Tech Is Human recently held its Responsible Tech Summit in NYC on September 14, 2023, in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in New York.